Baba Ganoush

  There's always some foods that take me back to my childhood and I always remember Baba Ganoush!

Everytime my mother cooked Baba Ganoush, I could smell it from my room! I would come into the kitchen and see her cooking it on the stove.

And this recipe will show you exactly how she used to make it.

So no more excuses, don't go buying it pre-made, follow my receipe, preservative free!

Once again, this is another recipe that is SO simple to make.

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Potato Salad

  My mother used to make this potato salad quiet often, with the many dishes she put on the table.

It's not the usual mayo-bacon potato salad that makes you feel heavy after consuming.

It's very light and vegetarian. The taste is not overpowering. The olive oil and lemon, garlic, onion and mint leaves gives it a special taste.

You can cook this all year round. Summer, autumn, winter and spring.

I love how easy this is to make -- all from scracth.

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Ful Medames

  It's been 5 months since my last recipe! Don't worry, I won't leave you waiting ever again.

I'd love to introduce you to Ful Medames.

My mother used to get up at 4am in the morning to prepare so it would be ready for breakfast! I'll never forget those memories.

Once again, I can pass this authentic Egyptian recipe onto my three daughters.

Ful is vegetarian, high in protien - very healthy and very easy to make and VERY yummy (just like everything else on here)!

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Egyptian Tea

  I've heard your cries for Egyptian tea!

If you're trying to kick the coffee habit and looking to reap a few extra health benefits, tea is the all-time soothing solution.

Just in time for the cooler months, this warm sipper is full of surprises. So, instead of buying mass produced tea bags, try buying loose tea leaves.

This tea isn't a just another flavour but a huge part of the Egyptian culture.

It is terribly easy to make, hopefully this will inspire you to grow your own mint!

P.S Those delicious looking biscuits are coming to the website soon! My mother used to make about a hundred at a time maybe even more - weekly!


Rice Pudding


Hello Sweet-toothers!

There’s nothing that could stimulate my senses more than watching my mother make rice pudding! Who would have thought that Egyptian Rice Pudding is only made from rice, milk and sugar...now get these staple ingredients from your pantry and get cooking this sweet treat for all you die-hard sugar fiends out there.

No really... that’s all that goes into creating this yummy dessert!! In case you’d like to spice it I suggest adding lots of cinnamon at the end (see how I did it in the video).

You've been warned: Putting the spoon back down will be harder than you think, but definitely worth it!

P.S If you are like my daughter who loves the delicate, sweet fragrance of rose water, add rose water to the last portion of rice pudding while still cooking on the stove. That way you can please everyone!







There's a lot of pressure during the holiday season. After all, rellies drive and fly in from miles away with the expectation of a wanderlust feast on the other end. It is not often you get to eat so much in one sitting, right? So, if you're the designated cook for the family gathering, one thing is for certain: It better be excruciatingly amazing.

Wait! Don't throw in the towel just yet!

It sure is tempting to purchase a pre-made meal... but be rest assured and take a deep breath... and cook Mahshi! Mahshi is extremely economical and feeds many...Cabbage Rolls, Vine Leaves, Stuffed Tomatoes and Stuffed Zucchini!

It will make your guests swoon but be careful - you just might be trapped into cooking next year, too!







I hope everyone survived Perth's storm last week!

That brisk storm had my family craving something delicious that would make them feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. So, I was inspired to cook up a storm with Bamia.

Bamia is probably best described as a stew. It is easy to make, just like all my recipes.

In case you missed the aroma lingering down my street last week, trust me when I tell you that Bamia better than your average stew.

This feel-at-home-again plate will sooth your soul (and fill the tummy). Yes, you have permission to hibernate with a very long nap.













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